P.S. Restaurant
P.S. Restaurant
Your Hosts Sylvana & Richard Dodd CEC
Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday, 5:00PM - Close
Reservations: 607-770-0056
100 Rano Blvd, Suite 8, Vestal NY 13850

Contemporary Global Cuisine in Vestal, NY

Appetizers - Thai Food in Vestal, NY
Soup and Salads - French Food in Vestal, NY
Soup and Salads
Seafood - French Food in Vestal, NY
Grilled Steak - French Food in Vestal, NY
Baked chicken garnished - French Food in Vestal, NY
Thai Entrees - Thai Food in Vestal, NY
Thai Entrees
Vegetarian - French Food in Vestal, NY
Glass of Wine - French Food in Vestal, NY

Small Plates & Bar Bites

Potato Chip crusted chicken bites with thai b.b.q. dip sauce$7
Lobster Risotto$13
Lobster Wontons$11
Asian meatballs with a soy yuzu sauce$8
Cone of handcut fries with warm gorgonzola$4
Home made potato gnocchi with Rick's raw tomato basil sauce$6



P.S. Grilled Shrimp $11.99
Bacon wrapped shrimp, stuffed with horseradish, broiled and topped with sweet honey. GF
Chicken Satay $9.99
Chicken tenderloin strips are marinated in a coconut cream, saffron & seasonings mix.
Skewered, flamed roasted & served with grilled pineapple slice and spicy red curry, peanut sauce.

Greek Stuffed Mushroom Caps $8.99
4 large mushroom caps stuffed with spinach, feta cheese & onion. Roasted in a lemon, garlic, oregano whole butter reduction. GF.
Thai Pie $9.99
Our hand tossed, homemade-crust, topped with a thai chile oil, basil and chicken stir fry. Finished with a mozzarella & fontina blend.
Pan Seared Crab Cake $12.99
Our lump crab cake, pan seared and laid with mesclun, curried potatoes and a sweet chilli garlic sauce.
Diver Scallop Risotto $9.99
Orborio rice slowly cooked with chunks of diver scallops and fontina cheese, wrapped in cucumber and layered with lobster sherry sauce.
Chicken and Lemongrass Gyozos $9.99
Four gyozo wrappers, stuffed with chicken, bits of fresh lemongrass and other spices, wok fried and sauced with a carrot and ginger vinaigrette.
Fois Gras with Ginger and Figs $15.99
Fresh fois gras, seared to medium rare, laid on a toast point and sauced with a ginger, fig and lime,
butter sauce. GFA

Mango Spring Rolls $9.99
Rice cellophane wrappers rolled with cucumber, carrot, mango, sprouts, & bamboo shoots drizzled with a sweet chilli garlic sauce. GF

Thai Entrees

All entrées served with choice of soup or salad and jasmine scented rice (Please add $1.50 for Tom Yum with shrimp)
Nua Nam Tok #4 $18.99
Seared chilled tenderloin tossed with cold roasted rice, fresh, mint, shallots & crispy rice noodle threads.
Layed on a bed of red cabbage with a spicy Szechwan dressing. GF

Hoy Paad Naam Prig Praw #9 $24.99
Shrimp, scallops and red bell pepper sautéed in a Thai smoked chilli paste. GF
Phad Prig Chicken #10 - ...........$18.99
Shrimp #17- ...............$19.99
Sautéed slices of choice of meat in a soy oil and fresh basil sauce with bamboo shoots, sweet and hot peppers. GF
Kang Kew Wan Chicken #13 - ...........$18.99
Beef #14 - ................. $18.99
Shrimp #15 - ............. $19.99
Sautéed slices of choice of meat in a Hot Thai green curry and coconut cream sauce with baby peas, sweet and hot peppers. GF
Kang Ped Chicken #19 - ...........$18.99
Beef #20 - ..................$18.99
Shrimp #21 - ............. $19.99
Your choice of meat sautéed in a spicy hot, but flavorful Thai red curry with coconut cream, sweet and hot peppers. GF
Phad Thai #22 $18.99
Cellophane noodles sauteed with bean curd, garlic and turnip then simmered in a tamarind, tomato, chilli, lemon and peanut sauce and finally tossed with bean sprouts, scallions and egg.
Pla Jien #25 Market Price
Your choice of fish, floured and lightly sautéed in a subtle blend of fresh ginger, bell pepper, scallion
and other secret combinations to finish an outstanding sauce. GFA


Soups and Salads

Cream of Mushroom $3.99
A mushroom duxelle, reduced to a concentrate, flamed in brandy and added to simmering cream - Our specialty.
Soup Du Jour $3.99
An experience every day, soups from hot tamale to chilled melon and pear, only the freshest and seasonal ingredients
make up our Du Jours.

Tom Yum Chicken #2 - ................. $3.99
Shrimp #3 - ................. $5.99
A Thai favorite, fresh lemon grass flavored broth with mushrooms and spices, simmered with choice of meat. GF
P.S. Caesar Salad $8.99
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with fresh grated parmesan cheese and our special ground anchovy,
caesar dressing.
Finished with soft brie croutons and asiago crisps. GFA

The Wedge $7.99
A wedge of iceberg lettuce served with warm gorgonzola cheese dressing, garnished with candied nuts, warm bacon and fresh tomatoes. GF
Roasted Beet Salad $7.99
A mixture of baby field greens with berry tomatoes and fresh vegetables with
your choice of dressing. GF

House Salad Vinaigrette $9.99
Available is our olive oil, balsamic and fresh herb vinaigrette, Mediterranean,
house dijon vinaigrette, wasabi vinaigrette or our famous Green Goddess.



All entrées served with choice of soup or salad and chef's choice of vegetable and starch (Please add $1.50 for Tom Yum with shrimp)
Roast Duck $28.99
One half of a semi-boneless duck slow roasted, then broiled for crispness and topped with our Thai Red Curry Orange sauce with bell peppers. GF
Chicken Breast a l'Orange $18.99
Boneless breast of chicken, lightly breaded, baked and topped with our Gran Marnier, honey and orange sauce. GFA
Red Roast Duck $24.99
8 oz. boneless Duck Breast simmered in Shaoxing Wine, Red Wine & Soy. Laid with Jasmine Rice and a Shaoxing Wine Reduction
Herb Crusted Chicken Breast $18.99
Boneless breast of chicken encrusted in fresh herbs and garlic, roasted and sauced with a gorgonzola cream. GFA


All entrées served with choice of soup or salad
Ravioli Du Jour $17.99
All vegetarian, a different selection everyday. Our homemade ravioli's from pumpkin to blackbean, a new taste awaits you every visit.
Eggplant Pavé $17.99
Tender eggplant slices lightly breaded and layered with 3 cheeses finished with a raw tomato basil sauce.
Wild Mushroom Papadelle $18.99
Portobello, shitake and crimini mushrooms sauteed with olive oil, thyme and shallots.
Tossed with papadelle pasta and finished with a touch of vegetable stock and grated asaigo.

Herb Gnocchi $17.99
Our homemade dough seasoned with fresh herbs are boiled then pan fried.
Finished in an amazing moroccan tomato couli & aged provolone cheese sauce.



All entrées served with choice of soup or salad and chef's choice of vegetable and starch
(Please add $1.50 for Tom Yum with shrimp)
Cashew Crusted Salmon $25.99
Jail Island salmon fillet, cashew crusted & baked to medium, finished with our Gran Marnier orange sauce.
The best salmon, I've ever seen and tasted! GFA

Shrimp Scallops with Asian Pesto $26.99
Shrimp and scallops poached in white port, ginger & coriander, layed on top of a mint & peanut asian pesto. GF
Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail $36.99
An 8 oz. tail, stuffed and baked with a ball of lump crab meat and sauced with an exquisite lobster sherry sauce.
Marinated Tuna Stacks $28.99
Center cut tuna loin marinated in rice wine vinegar, ginger and sesame oil,
stacked between layers of crisp won-tons, black bean mango salsa and ginger cream. GFA

Caitlin & Penne $24.99
Tender shrimp, lightly sautéed and flamed in sherry, tossed with penne and finished with a lobster cream.
Mr. Fish Market Price
Indian Ridge Provisions freshest seafood available, from Kona Kompachi to Hawaiian
Pink Snapper.
We find the best quality and pricing available


All entrées served with choice of soup or salad and chef's choice of vegetable and starch (Please add $1.50 for Tom Yum with shrimp)
Filet Mignon $29.99
Châteaubriand cut of tenderloin seared and roasted to your personal taste
and finished with your choice of fresh béarnaise sauce or gorgonzola sauce. GF

Veal Calvados $22.99
Medallions of prime veal sautéed with apple flamed off with apple brandy and finished with fresh cream and lemon. GFA
Veal Ian $26.99
Veal tenderloin butterflied pounded lightly and marinated in coconut saffron and spices. Then stuffed with a Thai chicken sauté,
rolled and roasted and served with cellophane noodles and spicy hot Thai peanut dipping sauce. GF

Braised Lamb Shank $31.99
An 18oz. lamb shank slowly braised to perfection, finished with an aromatic lamb jus
Baked Pork Chop with a Thai B.B.Q Sauce 1 Chop $22.99
2 Chops $28.99
Center cut prime Kurobuta pork chops pan seared and slow roasted. Sauced with a Thai BBQ Sauce
Herb Crust Rack of Lamb $33.99
Baby rack of lamb, herb crusted & roasted to your desired doneness. Served with lamb jus.
Prices subject to an 18% service charge on parties of six or more.

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We have personalized gourmet catering customized just for you! We have 25 years of catering experience for special occasions and business meetings. To suit your requests, all food is customized.
Contact our restaurant in Vestal, New York, and pamper your palate with continental, French, and Thai food.